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Guest Speaker (Steve Hays)

A little Bio from Steve

Stevo is who God made me. H.E.L.P. is what God has called me to do. Years ago, when I was released from my career job, I asked God what He wanted me to do with my life. He gave me a super clear picture of the acronym H.E.L.P. He then explained it. “I am sending you out to H.E.L.P. others by bringing Healing, Encouragement, Laughter and Ponder to the people I send you to”.

One of the ways we are seeing this happen is through Happy Life Studios. Whether through speaking, podcasts, music, product or one-on-one coaching, we are committed to seeing this message reach as many people as possible.

As Christine, our boys, and I follow God on this crazy, incredible, scary journey of faith, we are in constant awe of God’s provision. He has opened doors for us and led us to places that He clearly wants us. We are honored to serve Him as a family and feel so humbled that He is using us to tell people how to have a relationship with Him.

Earlier Event: March 31
Grace Family Lunch After Service