Name *
A) Be a member of Grace Harvest Church and gone through our membership class. *
B) Have been a member of Grace Harvest Church for One Calendar year. *
C) If new to Grace less than 3 years, applicant must provide resume of experience & provide letter with previous church's blessing and personal recommendation from Senior Pastor, or Head of Ministry you served under. *
D) Be a consistent tithe giver (Pease make sure you fill out weekly/monthly tithe envelope) *
E) Be saved for no less than 3 years and your lifestyle must resemble that of a born-again Christian on and off our church campus as well. Anyone who has difficulty representing Christ at home or in everyday life, is not ready to be leading others.  *
F) Must Read "The Bait of Satan" written by John Bevere. (Book provided on Volunteer Site)

When all the above requirements are met satisfactory, you will be asked to set an appointment with Pastor Darrin and the Head of Ministry Leader to which you are applying, for a formal meeting to discuss the Bait of Satan with you as well as what is required of all Staff, Leader and Volunteer team members. As you can tell Leadership is a high priority here at Grace Harvest. We cherish the presence of God and flow in the Holy Spirit. We must have every Team member to already be where they are leading the congregation.  
Your Service to this important ministry is welcomed and honored and we thank you wholeheartedly”